In Case of Emergency

Just this year, I’ve worked with four of my long-term clients to organize their emergency and estate papers.  For emergencies, we identify professional and family contacts, document health and medical information, fully document all insurance policies, accounts and assets including valuables.  In organizing this information, we must first locate and strategically place all the requisite documents.  This also includes locating titles, deeds, and payoff notices.  The same holds true for locating the most current estate papers.

Two of my four clients faced serious crises within weeks and months of completing theirs. I feel thankful that my clients saw the benefit of not only organizing  their files and tax papers, but also the benefit of taking it a step further to keep themselves safe, and to reduce the stress of family members who may step in as caretakers.

Finding Money!

Organizing papers is a large proportion of organizing requests I get.  In opening up mail that has piled up, I  find un-cashed checks all the time — insurance reimbursements, dividend checks, refunds, gifts, etc.  Just last week (May, 2019), I found $15,000 in un-cashed checks!  While this makes both client and me very happy, it also serves to reinforce to my clients that mail needs to be opened, and for me, to always take a cautious approach to paring down backlogs of unopened mail.